Enhance your Event

Make your event even more unforgettable with our exclusive extra features

Make your event even more memorable

To ensure your event leaves a lasting impression and creates a memorable experience, we offer the opportunity to have our team representatives as guest speakers and provide a tour of our state-of-the-art factory.

The advanced technologies of Formula 1™ extend beyond the sport itself, impacting various industries and few are as well-equipped to offer insights from both the sporting and business perspectives as our Red Bull Racing Team Members. We have various individuals within our organisation eager to share their knowledge with your guests. Please reach out to discuss the available topics.

Additionally, you can enhance your package with our highly sought-after Red Bull Racing factory tours. This experience grants unparalleled access to the world of Formula 1™, guiding guests through the entire process from initial design to manufacturing and development phases.

Do you possess the necessary attributes to excel as an Formula 1™ driver? Put your reaction abilities to the test with our exclusive Performance Coach, offering the Train Like an F1™ Driver Experience.